About Lifeworks ministry

Red & Liz Maust

Red & Liz Maust

Founded in 2006, LifeWorks Ministry was founded by Redford and Liz Maust with a passion to lead college students to live their lives fully devoted to Jesus Christ.  We believe the 18-28 yr. old demographic has the opportunity to be world changers that radically affect society for good when they live at their full potential.  

This age group is under fire in America.  The second leading cause of death among 18 – 28 yr. olds is suicide.  Trying to “find” themselves and make sense of who they are and why they exist is easier said than done. 

Finding purpose, building God-honoring relationships, belonging to a like-minded community, having mentors and ultimately receiving the love of Christ is the solution to how LifeWorks.  We exist to serve and love this amazing group of people. 

Our Vision: 

Igniting Faith.  Building Leaders.  Launching World Changers. 

Our Purpose Statement:

Leading college students and young adults to live their lives fully committed to Jesus Christ.

Our Mission: 

We ignite faith, build leaders and launch world changers by creating environments and dynamic programs that inspire people to radically love Jesus, love people and passionately pursue God’s purpose for their life.

LifeWorks Ministries is made up of 2 primary programs to achieve our mission:  Lifeworks Dream Teams & ADD where we host events designed to build relationships with college students and young adults.